As Dublin City Council Councillor, I am working to deliver in the areas  of climate action, arts and culture, waste, public realm, cycling, walking, community and housing. I am also working to ensure that economic, social, political and environmental sustainability is placed at the core of the decision making process on how our city develops now and in the future.

As an elected representative I am an active member of the following council committees and  boards:

  • Environment Strategic Policy Committee

    1. Dublin Docklands Oversight Committee

    2. Arts, Culture Community Recreation and Community Strategic Policy Committee

    3. Artist Studios and Street Art SubpCommittees

    4. Co-Chair of the Dublin City Climate Change Committee

    5. Sutton 2 Sandycove Cycle Route Committee

    6. National Maternity Hospital

I have over 15 years experience in politics, work as an environmental education specialist and a sustainability consultant for the events industry, including Body&Soul festival, and I am a parent and a dog owner.

Please get in touch if I can be of help to you on any local issue. I’d love to hear from you.


I was honoured to be elected to represent Pembroke South- Dock on Dublin City Council in 2014. You may be aware that the local election boundaries changed last year, and what used to be Pembroke South- Dock, is now two new wards: Pembroke, and South East Inner City. I would be delighted to continue to be your Green Voice for the South East Inner City ward, where I am running for re-election on May 24th.